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“David is very knowledgeable is all automotive matters. In addition to securing me great deals on vehicles for my business and family, he has advised me in terms of what to purchase and whom to use for repairs and related services. He's a FANTASTIC resource!”

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Allergic to your car?!

I like many people suffer from seasonal allergies and I found this on “Could your allergies be stirred up by your car? Well, you may not be allergic to the motor, but allergens from animals and plants are easily transported through fabrics of all different types. And while you wash your clothes regularly, allergens can easily collect in your car’s interior. Keeping your car clean and well-vacuumed is the best way to keep the allergens out.”

If you are not familiar with the site, it is kind of a fun site that will send you daily e mails that have me think about topics that may come up in my day to day routine.  Check it out, I hope you like it….And clean that car!

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