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“While deciding on the best car for me, I encountered many salesmen who hounded me hoping to get my business. I realized then that purchasing a new car didn't have to be stressful, and Dave made it a pleasure. Having used Dave's service in the past, I knew I would have the most professional and favorable experience possible. I trust him”.

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Hey, my tire is flat, how did that happen?

It is often the case a nail or screw can be embedded in a tire for a while before you come out to find a completely flat tire, probably when you have the least amount of time to deal with it!  The reason is this, most tires have the ability to seal a puncture reasonably well.  However, when you park directly on top of the nail or screw, that is when all of the air will leak out.  There are not a lot of warning signs that you have something in your tire, I recommend keeping alert to a couple of things.  Check your tire pressure regularly, if one tire is considerably lower than the others, big red flag.  Also, try driving with your windows down along a wall if its on the way and listen for a rhythmic clicking sound (that would be the screw or nail) and one last one, whenever taking your vehicle in for service, ask specifically to have your tires inspected for foreign objects and irregular wear.  I hope that wasn’t too deflating!

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