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Vehicle Purchasing Service delivers real value to you in time, money and convenience.

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“David is very knowledgeable is all automotive matters. In addition to securing me great deals on vehicles for my business and family, he has advised me in terms of what to purchase and whom to use for repairs and related services. He's a FANTASTIC resource!”

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Imagine walking into a dealership, test-driving a car that you know is right for you, and walking out knowing that you are getting a better price than you could have negotiated on your own….

Imagine selling your car for a fair price without any hassle. And imagine in all of these scenarios, paying a reasonable service fee that, in the end, saves you $1,500 – $2,500!

Did you know…

  • A high percentage of car salespeople are inexperienced, in their first sales job, and lack product knowledge.
  • Most car salespeople are paid a commission based on the profit the dealership makes on your sale.
  • Many used vehicles have been involved in accidents that affect the safety of that vehicle.
  • When you sell your vehicle and accept payment, even if the buyer uses a cashier’s check and/or an official bank check, payment can be held or stopped on that check.
  • Unless stated otherwise, all used cars sold are “as is.”
  • Many dealerships offer sale prices that are contingent on the purchase of additional equipment and add-ons.


VPS does not specialize in any particular vehicle make or model – and that’s to your advantage, as Dave will tailor his search to your needs. Dave’s first hand experience with the auto sales market in Phoenix has given him a wide range of contacts with dealerships and vendors and he has learned who is reliable and who offers competitive prices.  Dave strives to work within the region, supporting the local area, but if necessary, he knows the national auto sales scene and can take advantage of competitive markets beyond Phoenix and have the vehicle delivered.

Unlike other car purchasing companies, VPS charges a fair, fixed rate with no hidden costs.  Dave is also a respected and engaged community member, a notary public, and an experienced professional.  He has an insider’s view of the automotive industry, but he’s on your side.


If you have a situation that Dave has not handled personally, his background and contacts in the industry guarantees that he knows how to find the resources to meet your needs.

Dave has worked successfully in the automotive industry since 1984, with hands-on knowledge of manufacturers, dealerships, and other retail venues. His extensive experience in all areas of the automotive business has taught him how to best approach each client’s unique needs. Dave also has depth of experience in the greater Phoenix automotive market.


100% loyal to clients.

Take a look at what Dave’s clients say about his work. A large number of Dave’s customers are repeat clients and personal referrals. By policy, Dave does not accept payments or referral bonuses from dealerships. His loyalty is 100% to his clients. Unlike most car salespeople, Dave charges a flat fee. Clients know what they’re getting up front and can rest assured that they have a representative who is working exclusively on their behalf.


Dave has a wealth of knowledge about the best finance rates and terms.

Dealerships are experts at selling cars – they do it every day. Are you an expert at buying one? Most people buy a car every 3-7 years. That just isn’t a lot of practice. Even experienced salespeople aren’t familiar with all of the ways that the dealer will attempt to profit from people’s inexperience. A trade-in vehicle may be worth what the dealer offers, or it may be worth thousands more. Dave has a wealth of knowledge about the best finance rates and terms. His insights can help you put savings and needs ahead of emotions and inexperience. Vehicle Purchasing Service is determined to save you money in all areas of your purchase and will not get caught up in the excitement of buying a new car.


What is your time worth?

The average person spends at least 4 to 5 hours in a dealership completing a car deal. Shopping for a car usually involves sitting around a dealership’s showroom waiting for a salesperson to find a vehicle, waiting to have a trade appraised, waiting for an offer to be reviewed, and waiting for credit to be approved. There’s even a wait to sign documents and get the vehicle prepared for delivery. With VPS, your time commitment in the sales process is minimal.

Our goal at VPS is to have the vehicle located, the price negotiated, the loan approved, and the vehicle prepared for delivery before you show up at the dealership. When you arrive at the dealership, Dave will meet you and remain with you while you inspect your vehicle, review the purchase documents, sign paperwork, and drive away in your new car or truck!

Eliminate Hassle

The goal for his clients is to end up with a vehicle that will best fir your needs for the best possible price" and work with "TO find other automotive professionals that will also provide you a high level of service.

In most cases you will be working directly with Dave and dealer representatives with whom Dave knows personally. Dave has spent many years finding contacts at dealerships who will treat you with respect and will deliver what was promised to you at the agreed upon price. Our goal is for clients to have an enjoyable experience and end up with a car they like for the best possible price. Dave has worked tirelessly to find other people in the industry that share that goal.

Personal Safety

We have your best interest, in our best interest

Whether a client is buying or selling a privately owned used car, they run certain kinds of risks. VPS provides a layer of protection from many of these potential hazards, from credit card fraud to identity theft or manipulative business practices.

Dave has had many years of inspecting and showing vehicles for VPS clients. When buying from a private party, VPS offers to accompany all clients to the bank and local offices during the transfer of funds and title. When VPS sells cars for clients, all personal information is kept confidential (other than required disclosures relating to title issues).  To protect your privacy, all sales are handled through VPS, with the VPS corporate phone number provided as the only contact information publically available. The vehicle is shown to prospective buyers in a public area, not at your residence or place of work. Dave accompanies buyers during test drives, involving clients only when absolutely necessary.

When it comes to buying and selling vehicles, there are many potential pitfalls. Unfortunately, the automotive industry has its fair share of unethical people and institutions and fraudulent schemes designed to overcharge you or even steal from you.  Dave’s experience will steer you clear of risky situations.  Remember, VPS handles more vehicle transactions in a month than most people will in their lifetime. Why not put those years of experience to work for you?