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“Dave provides a great service, not only to everyone, but especially for women who don't want to have strangers come to their home. He took the work and time out of trying to sell two vehicles on my own.”

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Craigslist, don’t even get me started!

I used to think that Craigslist was NOT the place to sell or even look for a car.  I have completely changed my mind.  I now say do it, but do it smart!  Smart how, the difference, information and more is better.  If you are selling on Craigslist make your ads very thorough and DO NOT put you phone number or actual address.  If you are a woman do not put your name.  If you are not interested in trading or taking payments (offer personal financing) put that in your ad.  I put it in every ad and people still ask, just a lot fewer ask.  Use the Craigslist exchange, not a personal email, trust me, people will be contacting you months after the vehicle is gone, stay anonymous.  Looking to buy on Craigslist, be careful, ask lots of questions and if you are going to look at a vehicle, take someone with you (especially women) and go during the day.  Trust your gut, if something seems off, it probably is.  If that deal is much, much better than every other similar vehicle listed, well, that old adage of “if it seems to good to be true”, well, you know how that goes.  Good luck!