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“Dave provides a great service, not only to everyone, but especially for women who don't want to have strangers come to their home. He took the work and time out of trying to sell two vehicles on my own.”

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Credit Scores and Interest Rates

Going into a dealership to buy a car without knowing your score is a dangerous (and costly) thing to do.  The quickest way to find out your credit worthiness is to apply for a loan at a local credit union or your bank, not by asking the dealership to do it.  Applying (and being approved by) at a Credit Union or Bank will let you know your approval level (tier one, tier two, etc) and will give you leverage when you are at the dealership and they are checking your credit.  If there are issues with your credit you will also be able to review the report and take action to improve your score.  I recommend if you are in a posy ion to wait, get that score up and buy the car at a lower rate.  Patience is generally your best friend when buying a car.