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Diminished Value?

If your vehicle has been in an accident, even if it has been properly repaired.  Here is why….

Once a vehicle has been involved in an accident there is la smaller market for that vehicle when the owner attempts to resell the vehicle.  Many people are not interested in a vehicle once they have discovered that the vehicle has been in an accident, even if the damage has been professionally repaired by a reputable body shop.  If the repair costs were significant repair when compared to total vehicle value this can be a serious red flag to many potential buyers.  Also, if the vehicle now shows that it has been involved in an accident according to the CARFAX report, that can be another stumbling block when trying to resell the vehicle.  It has become very common for potential buyers to review this report before they seriously consider purchasing a vehicle.  Typically, if a person is comparing 2 vehicles and one has a “clean” CARFAX report and the other shows an accident, most people will consider the vehicle with a “clean” report first and often completely eliminate the other from consideration.  In summary, I would expect that any accident that you experience will diminished the value of a vehicle.  The question is by how much.  You may need a professional appraisal to aster that question.