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Get the Most from Your AC

When it is really hot, the way to get the most from your AC is using it is this way, when you first get in DO NOT use recirc mode,  temperature setting on full cold full fan and crack the windows an inch or 2. As soon as you feel cooler air coming out of the vents, put up the windows and 2 or 3 minutes after that put on recirc and 5-10 minutes after that turn down the fan speed to half and see if it cools off.  It may also help to buy a cheap vent thermometer from an auto parts place and leave it in the vents, you may have to adjust your expectations if you hop in and it reads 140 degrees!  Also, highway driving and longer trips will give your AC a better chance to work effectively.  Look for temps coming out of the AC around 50 degrees cooler than the outside temp, good luck!