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“Dave was integral in the selling of my used truck. He handled the entire negotiation process which deflected a ton of stress from me. Dave is a true professional; honest, direct and realistic when it comes to knowing the vehicle market. I would, without question, hire Dave again to assist in selling or helping me purchase a vehicle.”

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Is it true what they say about Truecar pricing?

I have a question for you, is the price you pay for the car (vehicle) the price you paid for the car?  Sound like a trick question.  Well, Truecar will give you the price of the car but there isn’t a dealership out there that will freely disclose the total that their customers are paying for their cars or trucks.  The price of the car is only part of the picture, the actual price paid for the car has to include all of the aftermarket “stuff” that is included on the car or sold to the buyer while in finance office.  What is that “stuff”?  That is a long, long list including everything from window tint to Lojack to Wheel and Tire insurance and the list goes on an on…The true price paid (as opposed to the “Truecar” price) is the number at the bottom of the dealer’s bill of sale before tax.  Look at what the dealership is charging for their DOC fee or VTR or whatever else is showing up on that form that you will be signing….So I have to ask, “The truth? Can you handle the truth?!”