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“Dave has helped us purchase a new car as well as sell two cars for us. It helped save us time and headaches. I would highly recommend his services for any car purchases and/or selling. He is prompt and very community driven.”

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Leader of the “Pack”!

Many dealerships have something called “pack”.  This is a number (dollars) that is added to their actual cost to give a new higher price that is then referred to as their “cost”.  So if a dealership is promising to sell something at “cost” or $100-$200 over “cost”, find out what “cost” is.  Is it actually what the dealership paid for the item (and that item could be anything from an extended warranty contract to the vehicle) or is it the cost of the item after they have added “pack” to it?  “Pack” is just additional dealership profit.  Want to find out what true cost is?  Spend some time on the internet and do your homework before you visit the dealership. I just saved a client $1,000 on a service contract (extended warranty) by doing just that.