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“David is very knowledgeable is all automotive matters. In addition to securing me great deals on vehicles for my business and family, he has advised me in terms of what to purchase and whom to use for repairs and related services. He's a FANTASTIC resource!”

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Over Tired? Get used to it…or on it!

If you are leasing a vehicle, chances are your tires will be just about worn out by the time you are scheduled to return it.   So what do you do?  Put brand new tires on that vehicle you are never going to see again?!  Well, that is what most people do.  What I recommend is that you find a reputable tire shop that deals in quality used tires and start looking for a set of used tires probably 6-8 weeks before your lease turn in date (or maybe just a pair of matching tires if you never rotated the tires you have).  How used, about half of the tread life should work out.  Most leasing companies want to see about 4/32nds of an inch left ( or more) when they inspect it.  If you can find a used set similar to the tires that came with the car with 6/32nds or more you will save at least 1/2 the expense compared to new.  Now, be careful, if your car came with a very specific size and speed rating (like on a Porsche or BMW, etc), match that tire or you could be penalized even if you have the recommended tread life remaining.  Most dealerships either have a lease return specialist or can get you a name of a person who does inspections on lease returns and you can ask them before you possibly make an expensive mistake.  Just remember to jot down who you spoke with and what they said.  I wouldn’t necessarily mention that you are going to put used tires on the car, just ask about tread depth and tire specs to make sure you get the right fit for that vehicle.  Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask you tire professional, the good ones will want to earn your business!