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“David is very knowledgeable is all automotive matters. In addition to securing me great deals on vehicles for my business and family, he has advised me in terms of what to purchase and whom to use for repairs and related services. He's a FANTASTIC resource!”

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Safe Parking? Might not be where you think…

Most of us have experienced coming out from the grocery store only to find a shopping cart has bumped into that car you have gone to great lengths to park away from every other car on the lot.  Well, according to the person that I use to do painless dent repairs (that process where the dent is removed by pushing it out from the inside of the body panel), he says the best place to park is right next to the cart return rack.  He says that way one side of your car is protected by the rack and the type of person that returns the cart to the rack is not likely to run their cart into your car.  The carts that are left in the lot are the problem.  Now, use your best judgement!  Nothing is a 100% guarantee, I am just sharing the opinion of an expert in dents….I have been doing it and so far so good.