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“Dave was integral in the selling of my used truck. He handled the entire negotiation process which deflected a ton of stress from me. Dave is a true professional; honest, direct and realistic when it comes to knowing the vehicle market. I would, without question, hire Dave again to assist in selling or helping me purchase a vehicle.”

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Spotting the problem with a “Spot Delivery”.

Late in the evening or the weekend and the banks are closed, good time to shop for and buy a vehicle, right?  Not so much, here is why.  The dealership wants you to leave with their vehicle.  Why?  Well they are afraid that you will leave and not come back and buy that vehicle that you have fallen in love with or have been pressured to buy (probably the latter).  Well, if you didn’t get yourself pre-approved for a loan and the banks are closed, the dealership is going to want to do a spot delivery.  Just say no!  You will be asked to sign all of the necessary documents that are required to buy or lease the vehicle, however, nothing is official.  You have been given a rate not by anyone in a position to actual deliver that rate.   It is a good possibility that you will be making a return trip to the dealership to sign the same documents but with a higher rate or with more money down or now a lease instead of a purchase ( or the reverse).  When buying a vehicle there are lots of forms to sign and I know that many of them are not being read closely, however, if you see a “Spot Delivery Agreement”, go directly home, with the vehicle that brung you.  Go get yourself pre-approved and live to buy another day.  Some of the worse deals I have aver seen signed were to clients who bought or leased (without my assistance) and took delivery “on the spot”.