Document that Accident!

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“Dave came highly recommended to me by a friend who had used his services a few times. I'm very glad I got his number! Right from the very beginning I felt Dave was honest and upfront, gave me his expert opinion and also allowed me to make my own decisions. I definitely felt in "partnership" with Dave throughout the whole process, which in actual fact wasn't that long; he managed to find a buyer at the price I wanted pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend Dave and I won't hesitate to contact him when I'm ready to start looking for a new car.”

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Document that accident!  Most accidents are showing up on Carfax reports and that statement, “vehicle involved in an accident” showing up on the report can, and in most cases will, adversely effect your vehicles value.  Take a few “before” pictures (nothing fact just use your phone) immediately after the accident and hang on to that repair estimate record from the shop.  You will be glad you did, especially if it was a minor fender bender, when you go to sell the car and that potential buyer has concerns that the accident was worse than it actually was.

If your buying a car that shows an accident on the Carfax, see what the seller can show you as far as documentation.  Don’t just take someones word.  Remember a mechanic can inspect a car for accident damage if you have a concern.  Given what a used car costs these days, it will always be money well spent!

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