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“Dave provides a great service, not only to everyone, but especially for women who don't want to have strangers come to their home. He took the work and time out of trying to sell two vehicles on my own.”

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Re-Lease me!

Are you leasing a vehicle and the lease is running out and you are not sure what you want to do, don’t panic!  Many leasing companies will allow you to extend that current lease from 1 to 6 months (sometimes more) simply by contacting them and letting them know your plans.  So if you are waiting for a new model to be released, don’t want to take a hit on your credit (buying a new home, etc) or saving up for a down payment or whatever, don’t feel like you have to get out of that lease until you have spoken with someone from the leasing company.  It makes sense for them keep you in the vehicle as well.  The value of your vehicle is unlikely to change much and they will continue to take in revenue on it.  Sometimes things work out for everybody!

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