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“Dave provides a great service, not only to everyone, but especially for women who don't want to have strangers come to their home. He took the work and time out of trying to sell two vehicles on my own.”

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I just sold my car what about my license plate?

In Arizona you need to take that plate off of the vehicle.  That is your property and often still has monetary value that can be cashed out or transferred to another vehicle.  The new owner can put a temporary (obtained on line) that will allow the vehicle to be driven for a few days until they can get their own plate (registration).  It will differ from state to state so check ahead of time before the vehicle drives away with your property on it!  Not to mention if they speed and get a photo radar ticket and now the state is sending you a ticket because the vehicle is still registered to you.  So also, go online and get your name off of the title (MVD site should allow you to do this).