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Lock your doors…and wheels!

Many cars with expensive wheels and tires with have wheel locks or you may consider putting them on those wheels.  The manufacturer makes a compatible lock (locking lug nut) or you can get one from your local auto parts store.  They are easy to install, however, if you lose the key, you have a potentially big problem.  Once installed keep track of that key!  And the paperwork with the key code if you ever lose that key.  You will need that code to order a new key.  Imagine being on the side of the road with a flat tire and no key!  You are stuck!  These keys get lost in the car, end up in mechanics tool boxes, left in your garage…My advice, keep that key with the spare tires tools and check for it before and after taking it to your shop, check you have it before you leave the shop.  Have a vehicle with a spare tire mounted on the back hatch (or door)?  If you like it then you better put a lock on it!!!