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Road trip, take 5!

I lifted this from, which has interesting quotes as well as some good car advice from time to time.  I was on the road yesterday and noticed several people on the side of road dealing with tires, etc.  No fun at all when it is 100 degrees + out there.  The more you do this the less time it will take.  Give yourself 5-15 minutes to do this check list before you hit the road.  May save you hours down the road….Literally!  Some repair shops will do this for free as well.

Prepping your car for vacation 
Before you set off on your car trip, follow the checklist from the National Automotive Parts Association to reduce the risk of vacation breakdown.

– Check to see whether fluid levels under the hood are adequate: oil, coolant, brake, windshield-wiper, transmission, and battery fluids.

– Replace worn wiper blades.

– Make sure that all tires (including the spare) are properly inflated.

– Replace tires that show uneven tread wear and bulges. Most roadside emergencies result from blowouts.

– Have your tires rotated and balanced, if you have not done so for more than a year, and have the alignment checked.

– Check for visible cracks or bulges in engine belts and hoses, and replace any that look suspicious.

– Tap the horn a few times to make sure it is working and is loud enough.