New Vehicles

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Dave is skilled at helping clients choose the right vehicle, whether it’s a whole fleet of reliable vans for your business or the safest car for your college-bound daughter.  Dave will listen and develop a strategy for finding vehicles that match your needs.  He will negotiate with dealers, arrange for mechanical inspections, oversee sales transactions, and assist with vehicle registrations. Clients determine how much – or how little – they want to be involved in the process, but Dave is always there to make sure you end up with the car you want at a reasonable price.

Lease of a new vehicle ($400)

Leasing is a good fit for some people and a really poor fit for others. Leasing can seem attractive because of the lower monthly payment. However, if you do not fully understand the terms of the lease, it can end up costing you thousands more than you would have paid to purchase the same vehicle. Most car salespeople do not fully understand how leases are constructed. When you use Dave’s service, the lease will be studied before you sign your documents and you will be clear whether leasing is the best fit for your needs. As a result of the current economic conditions, many banks are getting out of the car-leasing business because of the difficulty in accurately predicting residual (lease end) values of vehicles. Currently there are very few vehicles that have attractive lease payments because of the excessive depreciation that the banks use to calculate lease payments.