Used Vehicles

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When helping clients buy a pre-owned car, Dave starts with a clear idea of your needs and price range. He will conduct an informed and exhaustive search and once he locates the optimal choices, Dave provides a visual inspection, negotiates a purchase price, and arranges for a mechanical inspection and further outfitting if desired. Dave can also handle the entire sales transaction and registration process.

For clients in the market for a used vehicle, Dave offers the following services:

  • Consultation about your preferences and desired price range. At this meeting, you can decide the level of involvement you would like to have in the process.
  • Based on this consultation, Dave will make recommendations and then search for vehicles that match your needs.  Vehicles may be obtained from dealerships, private parties or local vehicle auctions.
  • After narrowing down the possibilities, Dave will personally visually inspect vehicles and advise on the overall condition. This is a preliminary examination, not a thorough mechanical inspection, in order to advise whether the vehicle merits a formal inspection by a mechanic.
  •  Once you have selected a vehicle, Dave will negotiate a purchase price for you.
  • Upon your request, Dave will arrange for a vehicle to be inspected by a professional mechanic of your choice or by a VPS trusted vendor.
  • Dave will also negotiate preferred rates within his network of vendors, should you wish to further equip the vehicle or make any repairs.
  •  To finish the process, Dave will finalize sales transaction documents, handle the transfer of money and title, and make arrangements for you to receive your vehicle!
  • Dave is also happy to assist you in registering your vehicle.