Sell Your Vehicle

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For clients who need to sell a car, Dave will inspect and prepare the car for the market, handle all advertising and interactions with prospective buyers, and work as your agent in the negotiations. Dave can also handle the sales transaction, including the transfer of title.

Dave will perform the following services to help you sell your car:

  • Personally inspect your vehicle, conduct a market comparison, and recommend a sale price.
  • Advise if the vehicle needs repairs or cosmetic work to improve the likelihood of a quick sale.
  • If needed, negotiate preferred rates for repairs and maintenance within the VPS network of vendors.
  • Place advertisements in print and online media, using VPS as the contact for prospective buyer.
  • Receive calls and arrange to show the vehicle to prospective buyers at a neutral site away from your residence or place of business.
  • Work as your agent by answering questions about the vehicle’s history and test-driving it with the prospective buyer.
  • Negotiate a sale price that is acceptable to you.
  • Complete a bill of sale. Arrange for payment of the vehicle with certified funds. Prepare your title to be transferred as well as notarize your title and make final arrangements for the new owner to take delivery of the vehicle!